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“Moving to Portugal as an English speaking person can be daunting, especially if your Portuguese is limited. After visiting various schools, we decided on Salesianos for a couple of reasons: 

  • We were made so welcome when we made our first appointment and the warmth we received made us all feel immediately at ease.
  • The school welcomed T. to the summer camp where he made new friends. His first day at school was so much easier as he had already made friends at the camp and had a sense of the school ethos.
  • On arrival at school the teachers could not have been more welcoming and warmer in their effort to help him achieve his best.

As parents we feel the school has the best interests of the child at heart, and want to see them happy. This was cause enough to move to Portugal.”

Bruce MacDonald

In general we are very happy with the school, the learning way, the curriculum. We appreciate all the efforts to support the multi-language parents and kids

Daniel Yordanov